Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next up? Newborn photos!

When I wanted some hands-on advice about exterior lighting, I e-mailed my friend Jason, an amazing photographer who has had his work showcased in Sports Illustrated.

His reaction to my new business was one I worried about most, but he was incredibly supportive of the idea and not only encouraged me, but agreed to come over, check out my setup and give me some advice.

Within minutes, he assessed my studio, rearranged a few things and showed me a few others. To thank him for all of his help, I photographed him and his wife, who almost didn't have a maternity session because she gave birth the next day.

Not only was Jen a complete trooper for mustering through poses that had her lying on her back, sitting and standing for more than an hour, she also was very understanding while I played with the lighting and made adjustments as I went.

When I asked Jason why he wasn't doing portraits, he said very matter-of-factly, "It's boring. I need something to be running at me."

I guess years and years of shooting Steelers games has had its impact.

Both Jen and Jason read my blog, and this will be their first glimpse of their shots -- if they can stop kissing their son long enough to turn on the computer.

Congratulations, guys. I can't wait to meet your little bundle!









Marcy said...

Beautiful. =) I especially love the silhouette (2nd to last).

I don't know if you're up for a bit of constructive criticism, but I'd maybe tone back the vignette in the first photo a bit-- my eye keeps getting drawn to her boob rather than their hands/her belly.

Jessica said...

Aww, those are great, Kelly!

novelle360 said...

Marcy, you were ABSOLUTELY right. I retoned it and think it looks a lot better. Thanks!

Kelley said...

I love these!! As a photographer (of sorts) myself I think you are doing an awesome job. I have always wanted to 'go big' like you have and seeing you do it is starting to give me the courage I've always needed. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!

the_plainsman said...

Looked at these late last night, now again and agree with the improvement on the first. Like in front of the window, the next to last best, then the first and like the blocks close up, too.

Props to Jason, and the others who have been giving you pointers and support. That is the mark of a true professional, passing on what one knows.

Jennifer Suarez said...

Compared to your other photos these aren't my favorites. I'm not saying they are bad, they certainly aren't, but they just don't give me that "oooooOOOoo!" feeling that the other's did. I think it's all the black. Black background, black bra, black shirt. It's too much for my taste.

I do however LOVE the close up of the blocks spelling out Jack on her belly. That is a very creative shot.

You are doing great! Keep it up. I look forward to watching your skills progress through the years!

Sarah-Jean said...

oh my gosh! how did you get so good, so fast?!

Jessica said...

PS - I so enjoy reading your blog, I wanted to share it with others.
Check out my latest post ...

Wendy said...

Your photos are wonderful! I wish you were in Texas. And, congrats to the new parents!

LeslieAnn said...

Love the Jack/belly shot!!!

cafechick80 said...

The shadow pictures are absolutely amazing.

Amanda C. said...

Love, love, love the silhouettes!

Ray said...

I love both of the photos with Jen's belly holding up the blocks that spelled out, "Jack." That is too cute and creative! And both of those silluete photos are pretty cool too.

It's so cool that you're already doing photoshoots (and even cooler that you did a photo shoot for a photographer). I'm very happy for you and I hope you go far with this new business.

I can't wait to see the newborn photos of Jack and other photo shoots that come your way.

Take care.

MadHousewife said...

i absolutely love the blocks idea!