Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Nittany Lion

Last weekend I did an indoor/outdoor maternity shoot with Jen and David, who are due with their first child at the end of July.

It was fun trying to work around their height difference with David being so tall, but it definitely came in handy with some shots. He was able to wrap his arms around her perfectly!

At the end, they pulled out the jerseys they brought and showed their Penn State pride. I can't wait to photograph their little Nittany Lion.













Sarah said...

I REALLY like the last three! You can tell they're more comfortable when it comes to their favorite team!

The first shot is an amazing angle, I think it really works for her!

Heather said...


Jessica said...

These are great, Kelly! Jen looks fantastic!

jesusrulz_14@yahoo.com said...

I'm thinking you should come to Iowa for my wedding and take some pics of our outside wedding. I'll pay for your flight plus 100 bucks for taking pics. Think about it. Date is August 7 @ 7:00pm. Email me if you're interested.

Lioncloud said...

You PA people are ridiculous about the Penn State sports! I mean, it's not as if they were as important as, say, the RED SOX!

(Red Sox fan since 1975)

Stephanie said...

These are really good!

Anonymous said...

I looove the first and last photo :) great colours!

Ray said...

I love the shot of Jen and David touching the belly. So sweet. The photo of them in jerseys is too cute. And that last photo is awesome. ;o)

Kristin said...

Gahh, I love the last one!
It reminds me of the beach(:


Anonymous said...

Also, I officially love your aunt Glrr for being a Red Sox fan xD


the_plainsman said...

First photo is absolutely and stunningly beautiful!

Like the hands/belly ones. And the shot with her holding the sonigram, but like it with the word PROOF superimposed, gives her expression extra meaning: "See, I told you I was pregnant, here's the proof!"

OK, I'm a sucker for the blocks and even like the whole Penn State thing, but their expressions in teh first are very relaxed and natural.

A Yankee fan since Marris & Mantle in '61; and if Derek Jerter was born only 1500 feet from her front door, bet Glrr would be one too!

LeslieAnn said...

They look awesome! I love the belly shots with the blocks. :)

Epros said...

I'm the one who commented on an earlier entry to say that I wish you'd use more backgrounds in your photoshoot pics, and I'm glad to see that you did this time. My favorite pic is the first one, and I also like the blocks picture where her head is closest to you (I'm not sure how else to describe it). The last one is a perfect example of what kind of picture is okay without a background, though I'm not exactly fond of whatever it is she's holding around herself. That's just a personal preference, though. :P

Epros said...

Oh, and just so you know, you might want to consider advertising to take pictures for seniors in high school. As far as I know, senior pictures are viewed as "necessary" everywhere, not just where I live. You could make a killing if you advertise right, because all of the commercial places overcharge like crazy.

Janice said...

Kelly, these are beautiful, especially the last. Gorgeous, keep up the good work. I love seeing them, very inspirational!

RitaSmeeta said...

Oh wow! This is so awesome, I had no idea that you were into some serious photography :) Guess I need to do some super brusing up on my blog reading! I'd love to delve into wedding photography but there's just so little time in the day to work on it.

Very, very cool.
Two enthusiastic thumbs up!