Monday, June 15, 2009

Gives the federal government reason reason not to arrest me for Googling kids' photos so frequently

I am a professional photographer.

After only two photo shoots, I now have the confidence to say it with certainty. I knew I could do it, but to actually have DONE it has squashed any remaining reservations I might've had.

Sure, I fumbled with the camera settings a few times, causing me to lose a couple shots, but you can bet I won't make those mistakes again.

I've only toned the photos from my shoot on Saturday. I know the couple I took maternity pictures of on Friday won't mind that I haven't finished theirs because she had her baby today. And I'm pretty sure they'll be preoccupied for awhile.

Instead, I edited the shots of my favorite 10-month-old, Jackson. Not only was he an absolute joy to work with, he is at the perfect age where he loves to look at the camera. I noticed such a huge difference shooting him versus Allison, who is very much over looking in my general direction when I have a camera around my neck.

Sometimes when I checked the images to make sure the lighting was set properly, I felt my heart burst they were so beautiful. I only hope his parents like them half as much as I do.