Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adding to my arsenal

One of the items on my "eventually" business list was a short-range lens. But it became very clear in my last two sessions that I was breaking my back to get the look I wanted. I was literally contorting my body in all sorts of strange ways to produce that fuzzy depth-of-field effect.

So I quickly moved it from "eventually" to "immediately."

And when it arrived on my front porch a few days ago, I couldn't wait to attach it to my camera.

It had me on the first click. If my saliva wouldn't have blurred my pictures, I probably would've made out with it.




After I ran around the house testing it out on different things, I took it and Allison to a massive arts festival. The event draws 14,000 people annually and is billed as one of the premier artisan shows in the state. I might not have attempted it on my own if I hadn't had to pick up a framed photo series for my mom, but I'm really glad I did. We had an excellent afternoon that included Alli's first bus ride. She entertained everyone around us dancing to the music. Later, Jerry met us for lunch and we got robbed on two gyros and a skewer of coconut shrimp.

Allison was so good for so long, that when the tents thinned out,
I took her out of her stroller and let her run around a bit.

She loved the freedom.

Later, she found a bubble machine.

She was so enamored, she didn't seem to notice
that her necklace was wrapped around her ear.

She got so soaked a passerby said, "You won't
need to add detergent to THAT load of laundry!"

Realizing she was eating it, rubbing the bubbles
in like lotion and otherwise dripping, we checked
out other things. Like these balloons. The green
one became a quick casualty.

We were all exhausted when we got back, and the whole house
took a nap. Including Toby, who is always up for anything.
Including getting his picture taken. With my awesome new lens.


the_plainsman said...

The sure sign of a pro is being excited by new tools! Have fun "playing" with the lens, as it will expand your repertoire. Liked the photo of Alli heading down the street, and the one with her facing you and showing the ex-bubble on her tongue best, although I like balloons and Toby too.

Anonymous said...

I cant get over how amazing your pictures are! :)

ashley said...

love the pics of alli with the bubbles, and her cute little pigtails. keep up the good work, kelly.

Ray said...

I love the photo of Alli trying to lick the bubbles. And the one with Alli and the balloons is a sweet photo as well. So nice to know that she'll have SO MANY photos to look back on when she gets older. ;o)

Liz said...

so, you too, huh? i'm in NYC this week, with my new 50mm 1.8. sigh. such good stuff. check it out on facebook! and... see what my non-pro friends do with the same camera setup... eesh. you really have an eye and a talent.

Anonymous said...

What kind of lens did you get?

Emale said...

love your daughter!

Candi said...

Yaaay. I remember recommending this one to you through email. I love it and you cannot beat it for that price!!