Friday, July 17, 2009

Ainsley Violet

Being responsible for helping set this couple up five years ago, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was to get to photograph their new baby girl.

Miss Ainsley Violet is seven weeks old, but she looks more like a newborn because she's so tiny. Then again, don't let her size fool you; she was full of spunk. At one point while laying on her tummy, she lifted her head and held it high for a few minutes -- a first her mommy said.

I have a few favorites, of course, but I'll probably hold them all as dearly as Ainsley's parents because they both mean so much to me.

A glimpse of Dan, Timberly and Ainsley's session:











thezanyone said...

I love your photos.

Amanda said...

Those are lovely! I wish you lived in Minnesota so we could get pics done.

Anonymous said...

they look so wonderful with your name right across the middle. nice touch.

Janice said...

Absolutely stunning!

the_plainsman said...

Becoming Allison's mom less than two years ago plus your artistic talents enables you to put together a package of photos that every family will treasure.

If I had to pick two in a sea of great shots, they would be of baby holding her head high, and asking "What is this new world all about?" and the last one of happy and proud Mom Timberly holding equally content baby.

Anonymous said...

wow those are great kel!!! timberly you look awesome and your baby girl is adorable!
take care

aj said...

LOVE the pink flower one, and the FEET shot with the short-range lens! WAY to make good use of that thing already! LOVE IT! Good work, keep it up!

Nina's Mama said...

Your work gets better with ever session. You are extremely talented and I think your new business venture is going to be great for you and your family.

Mia said...

What a cutie!
Your pictures are great, Kelly! This project seems totally worth it to me :)

Kelley said...

Beautiful. You have a wonderful eye for photography and seem like a natural!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

LeslieAnn said...

Those are wonderful! I love them! She is so tiny!

I just got back from Mich. today and got to spend a week with my new baby niece and her four-year-old big sister. She's also seven weeks old. She's incredibly strong. She's been holding her head up since she was born - she's like hulk baby. Except super tiny and cute. She only likes to be held vertically so she can look around. Put her any other way and she's unhappy. She hums little baby noises when she sleeps. I'm in love. Ok that's enough. Now I'm just bragging, but I'm such a proud aunt! I love my nieces. :D Perhaps I'll try to post some photos on my blogger account.

Awesome photos Kelly! You're doing amazing. I love watching your creativity come out through your portraits.

cafechick80 said...

These turned out just perfect! I love the pink one!!

Lisa said...

How adorable! Kelly you are so talented!

Kristin said...

Your pictures are so fabulous(:


Jennifer Suarez said...

Beautiful! It looks like you are getting some use out of that new lens too!

Ray said...

OMG, that photo of Baby Ainsley surrounded by those pink feathers is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!! I LOVE IT! =D And that shot of baby's feet is too cute. ;o)