Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A few updates

Life is crazy and hectic around here, but invigorating. Here are a few thoughts before I grab breakfast, head off to Allison's weekly playgroup then try to squeeze in a nap and lunch before attending a business planning seminar. Then off to work for the night.

  • Allison was more fun to watch than the fireworks -- and they were amazing fireworks. I have a lot of photos to upload of our weekend celebration. Hopefully before the Fourth of August.
  • I've been busy designing my business card, finalizing my logo and creating stickers. We also ordered a business phone line and I'm writing all of the copy for my website. When I showed Jerry the mock up of the magnets for our vehicles, he said, "Please don't make me drive around with a fucking baby on the car." Because he asked nicely, I think I'll oblige.
  • Yikes, all the time I have!


Anonymous said...

Careful how you talk about my baby!

Anonymous said...

Wow you're so busy! Sounds like your business is taking off! I wish you all the luck

Anonymous said...

as far as i know isn't that baby mine and boy would he look cute on the side of jer's car!!!! hahaha

Julian Baughman said...

Kelly that's awesome!. be sure to tie your twitter and facebook together to pimp your wares. We've done this over at the jewelry store and have been getting lots of outside traffic just through linking. Plus, you might want to make a business page on facebook too so you don't direct everyone to your personal page. I did this for the Kranichs and they love it. Glad to hear everything is good! and i'm moving ad 42 to C4. HA HA HA!

LeslieAnn said...

So an RYC from last month (I'm finally going to start using my blog that's connected to this again).

My sister-in-law's Web site is

the_plainsman said...

Next business I set up, will have to hire you as a consultant!

Ray said...

"Please don't make me drive around with a fucking baby on the car."

^^LOL! Jerry's too much! =P

I cannot wait to see your website when it's up and ready. And I'm glad to see that things are really moving in motion for you in this business. Question: I really want to create a website of my own (though not anytime soon) and I was wondering; who did you choose to create your website/what host are you using? I'd love to create my own website but that's going to take some time. So I'm just curious as to how you went about choosing who would create yours.

Take, care. ;o)