Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fifth of July Jerryisms

When he woke up, Jerry immediately headed for the fridge and cut himself a slice of yesterday's lemonade pie. Response to my mom asking if he'd like a scoop of fruit for the top:
"That WOULD make it more breakfasty."

Coming out of the bathroom shortly after that:
"Had to drop off Rudy and Theo at the waterpark."


Ray said...

The second Jerryism is awesome. =D Hope you guys had a great Fourth of July. ;o)

Lioncloud said...

Lemonade pie????? Can you post the receipe?


novelle360 said...


June/July issue of Food Network magazine. Mom said it's "really easy."

Anonymous said...

Jerryisms always make the day worthwhile. Teme

Gisela said...

Rudy and Theo?

As in Huxtable?

Um. Yikes.

novelle360 said...

Haven't you heard the saying, "Had to drop the Cosby's off at the pool?" Jerry just likes to take things one step further when it comes to offensive comments.