Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kara & Katie

I had the pleasure of playing with the boisterous and energetic Kara and Katie this week. They were so much fun, we were all giggling the entire time.

Thinking "sugar and spice and everything nice," I had an idea to get two pink lollipops for their shoot. Little did I know their mom would bring matching bathing suits! It was perfect.








Anonymous said...

Fantastic !!! You've definitely got the gift, Kelly. forge on !!


Jaclyn said...

OMG, Kel; I LOVE the one of them on the rocking horse!! Too precious!!!

Maria said...

I really love that last picture.

LeslieAnn said...

I love the lollipops! My SIL likes to use fun props like that and I have some adorable photos of my niece when she was two with a lollipop as big as her face! It's awesome. :) It's cute that they perfectly match the girls outfits. They're adorable.

Ray said...

ADORABLE PHOTOS (I love that it's a sister shoot)! That first close-up shot of Kara & Katie with that pink boa is adorable. But, what really got me was that second one!! I had to say a big "AWWWW" to that one. So sweet. And that last photo is great. =o)

the_plainsman said...

These are going to be each family's precious photos, and ones they will be justifiably proud to show their friends, (and friends won't mind seeing), keep in their wallets and framed in there workspace. Like the "mirror" shot and the others, but that last one where she is offering you, or the viewer, the lollipop is sponteaneous and great!

Ray said...

Hey Kelly, (I just had a thought): since you are a photographer now have you thought about doing a family portrait of you, Jerry, Alli & Toby? I think it would be SO AWESOME if you did! ;o)