Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where's the rewind button?

Our Fourth festivities were spectacular. It was my first time off for the holiday in four years, and to celebrate, my parents came down for the weekend.

As if Allison wasn't reason enough, the fireworks display in our area is rated the No. 3 in the country, mostly because it's timed to music. And since Jerry's radio station broadcasts the music so viewers far away can crank their car stereo and appreciate the effort, we got a bunch of VIP passes, which placed us a few hundred yards away from where they were being set off.

It was the first time my parents visited for the holiday, so I was worried they would regret abandoning their typical plans, but at the end, my dad announced, "THOSE WERE THE BEST FIREWORKS I'VE EVER SEEN!"

Plus, he got to watch me sprint for a porta-potty to relieve myself from the wine we smuggled in.

And that alone must've been worth the drive.

Baby's first firework.

Alli loves using my mother-in-law's basement shed door as a ramp.

Toby is a douche at the pool. He now jumps in when he feels like it,
so we're trying to teach him to climb out on his own using the ladder.

Allison would live in the water if she could.

Sparky getting a little love.

Alli has never warmed up to Jerry's brother-in-law,
Tom, so he tried bribing her with a bag of fruit snacks.

It worked.

Watching Jerry set off an at-home fireworks display.

And the boys toss caps at each other.

Beer bottle bottle rockets.

Red, white and blue (and pink) beauties.

Allison introduced herself to everyone sitting around us while
waiting for the fireworks to start. She showed off Bear and Bunny.

Matching hoods.


I think Alli slugged my mom in the face right before this photo was taken.

There was a lowering of the flag ceremony by local
service members before the fireworks were set off behind it.

The sky provided it's own show that night, too. I dream of
days like this in February. It was nice to fully soak it in.


Jessica said...

Love the slide shot! Looks like fun!

Last year we joined a ton of other people downtown, on top of a parking garage. Someone turned their car radio to the right station and we watched from there. :)

Anonymous said...

very nice update, id been looking forward to it!

Jennifer Suarez said...

Hey look at you! You got the photos posted before August 4th LOL!

Great shots. 4th of July ranks high in my list of favorite holidays, only second to Halloween.

BTW my favorite picture is of Alli hugging Jerry's brother in law. Too stinkin cute!

Jennifer Suarez said...

aw man!! my comment got eaten I think!!

Dave said...

I will confirm I received the phone call from Papa Dukes saying, "These are the best fireworks I have ever seen!!"

Nina's Mama said...

As always great photos. Looks like the family had a terrific Fourth of July.

Fit Mama said...

great pics! I'm glad Alli loved it all. My daughter can't handle the loud noises, but the parade was a hit!

Anonymous said...

Very spectacular pictures!

the_plainsman said...

Wise of you both to teach Alli water and fireworks safety at an early age, and also Toby how to get himself out of a pool. No doubt about it, a weekend worthy of a repeat.

Ray said...

Looks like you guys had a great Fourth of July! I love the photo titled, "Baby's first firework." I'm sure Allison was amazed at that. ;o) Love the photo of Jerry with the beer bottle, bottle rocket. And I love the photo of you and your mom, and you, your mom and Alli. Sweet pics. Glad you got to enjoy the Fourth for the first time in four years. And YES the sky we got for that day was beautiful as well!! =o)

Anonymous said...

I've been working at a fireworks stand so I'm kinda spoiled about what I like. The bottle rocket makes me jealous they're illegal here.

Lioncloud said...

Does Toby get to go down the pool slide, too?


Silverwolf said...

I love the sunset photo. It looked gorgeous even on my iPhone. :)

Sheryl said...

So, this is going to be kind of random . . . I was in Williamsport for the 4th and as we were walking around looking for a good viewing spot, listening to the music and waiting for the fireworks to start, I wondered if it was Jerry's radio station that was there and if you were anywhere in the crowd. (I mean, all I know is that you're in PA somewhere . . . ) It was curious to think that I could be walking around and run into someone I feel like I know but don't really know. So there you have my 4th of July thoughts. :)

novelle360 said...

Nope, Sheryl, not in Williamsport. Although, we pass through there on our way to New York. Although I hope if you ever did see me, you stop to say hi!