Monday, August 3, 2009

It's becoming one big blur

There is a lot of crazy going on around here these days. I'd love to be able to update about our vacation, how we spent our fourth wedding anniversary last week, and how Allison is talking in three-word phrases, but I can't.

The truth is, I'm so focused on my business, I don't have time for much else. Any spare ounce of energy goes to my family, my full-time job at the newspaper and maintaining our home. There is no free time these days -- even on the one full week off I get all year.

In addition to trying to juggle way more than I ever have before, Jerry is in the midst of a major transition, as well. I wasn't able to mention it up until now, but his company changed radio formats and got rid of their rock station. Jer was given his own morning show on an adult contemporary station aimed toward women, as well as the responsibility to help oversee two talk stations. He has spent weeks preparing for the transition, and did his first show on the new station this morning.

Needless to say, we've been going through some major life-changing events this summer.

I think it will lead to great things in the long run, but right now it feels like if we were cars, our tire rotation needles would be cranked to the red warning indicator.

I just have to keep reminding myself of something one of my professors said in college:

"Work hard while you're young."

I'm giving it all I've got.


the_plainsman said...

Work can be exhausting, but also exhilarating as well, especially if your work utilizes your creativity as well.

Good to hear that Jerry's off air skills have been recognized too, and that his career is growing in two directions.

In some ways both Jerry and you are artists working in different mediums. Jerry in the spoken word, you in the written and printed word and now, the visible image as well. And you both have demonstrated management and organizational skills that can maximize those talents to their best use and also stands on its own.

I'm sure you will both find and maximize the time needed to breathe a bit and enjoy a needed break, too, as you realize how important that time is. But there are those times, like right now, when you both are growing into new ventures: those adjustment periods can be trying. But it is also be amazing how one adapts and thrives on the energy.

Amazing that you had a prof who actually gave good advice; he was right, because in may ways, you will later realize that this time is what Carly Simon once sang about decades ago, "These are the good old days."

Just don't forget to rotate those tires. I'm sure Jerry will remind you! Or you, him! :o)

Nina's Mama said...

That sounds like an exciting change for Jerry and one that will provide quite well.

Best of luck to both of you.

Allison will truly appreciate one day. And that day will come with the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

what station is Jer on now? And what happened to Troy through all of this??!

Jennifer Suarez said...

Good for you guys! Change is great and being busy is too!

Just remember, blog when you feel the urge, don't make it a required chore. That way you won't feel bad if you miss a few days, weeks, or heck even a month or two. You always know this is your place of solitude and we'll be here to provide it. Even if you're gone for a while.

Much love to you and your family!

Maria said...

Jerry is doing what???? I have to hear this to believe it, do they live stream his show?

Jessica said...

That contemporary station is one I listen to a lot, so I happened to hear him for a couple minutes! I wondered what was going on ... :) Hope he enjoys it!

Ray said...

Well, when you do have time to write more regularly I'll be here waiting. I always come here everyday hoping for a new blog, but when you don't I know it's because you're living your life, and that's fine. ;o)

BIG CONGRATS to Jerry on that huge transition at the job!! =D It sounds like he has a lot more on his plate now. And I'll have to take what your professor said to heart. That's great advice. Thanks for sharing.

Take care, Kelly.

P.S. In the meantime: if your website is up and running you should give us the URL, so we have something to look at for now. ^o^

jncweber said...

Why can I not picture Jer doing a women's morning show! We have one in town here too and sometimes I think, that poor guy (host). When do you anticipate making the studio FT and the paper PT?! ur images are beautiful. Im proud of you for taking the leap! Keep it up!

the_plainsman said...

I disagree with JCNW above as I think that Jerry could be great in that format - he is edgy enough to make it interesting, while also understanding of many of his listener's experiences - he is raising a young family too!