Monday, August 10, 2009


I recently had a portrait session with Katie, who was so free with her smile that she seemed like an absolute natural at getting her photo taken.

I had been looking for someone I could use in my ads for senior portrait packages, and a friend suggested Katie, who actually works as a school-to-career student in my news room. I had edited her stories, but never actually met her.

And even though she graduated this year and is going to college in a few weeks, she was more than willing to be my test subject. Fortunately for me, she hated her senior photos and was excited to get another go at it.














Mia said...

They're beautiful, Kelly! This photography was seriously a great move on your part! Congratulations :)

the_plainsman said...

The composition of each of the photographs in the portfolio, as well as their considerable variety is outstanding. You have "it" Kelly!

Excellent photos of a pretty girl!

Kelley said...

You are doing it girl!!! As a fellow photographer trying to get a small business going, I am so excited to see your progress. And kind of jealous! ;) Keep 'em coming.

julia said...

these are so awesome, i wish my senior pictures had been this good! :)

Anonymous said...

SO GREAT! Senior pictures at their best!

Ray said...

Wish I had senior photos like that (from four years ago). Awesome photos. My favorites are the two black and white ones of the self-portrait and the grafitti one. But my ABSOLUTE FAVE would have to be: the one of Katie lying down, looking at the camera. Absolutely awesome! =D

Jaclyn said...

Oh, Kelly Shoestring V*****!!! They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! If possible, you keep improving with every click of the shutter.
I'm so proud of you!!!

Elizabeth said...

I look at your blog all the time this new camera you have is amazing, if you dont mind me asking what kind is it and what lenses do you have? do you have youyr own stuido or do u use the one at ur work or something, I love you work keep up the awesome job :D

novelle360 said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I have a Nikon D90 and a growing arsenal of lenses. I also have a studio in my home complete with backdrops, lights and even a dressing room. I'll have pictures up of the space as soon as I get some more photos on the walls.

Maria said...

These are some of my favoites yet! Very nice! I wish you would have taken my senior photos!

Erica said...

Wow, these are beautiful! Sorry, I guess I'm a little late commenting, but oh well. These look much better than many of the senior pics I see showing up around my homemtown. I'm in college now, so that experience is too far back in my memory. I feel as if these may have turned out so great not just because of the quality of the photo taken, but by the mere fact that Katie was able to feel so comfortable with you. Sometimes it's awkward for people to have their portrait taken, especially since senior pics will probably be one of the first times this has happened to them in recent memory. So the more comfortable a subject is the better (in my opinion) the final product will turn out. You have a gift both with people and photography. Great job!