Saturday, August 29, 2009

The result of two weeks dedicated to a five-hour event

Wow. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I sort of knew what I was getting into with the expo, but I had no idea that my booth would be such a hit. As my sister-in-law put it later, "When I saw the line from the escalator, I thought, 'Woah!'"

I spent every available minute the last seven days toning photos and uploading them to my website, which ended up with about 350 in all. But the effort has already been well worth it. The exposure was enough in itself.

I can honestly say that I love it. I had a blast with all the kids and just kept thinking to myself how beautiful little faces are while I was going through them. It was nearly impossible to choose a few favorites, but here is a sample of the adorableness I'd like to share.














the_plainsman said...

Kelly, After looking at these, I think I've just "figured out" why such a high percentage of your photos are "soooo" good. And it is not your artistic ability, a gift in itself. That extra ingredient is your own joy reflected back from all those faces you see. Your joy of having your own family and then seeing a bit of it in others and being able capture a precious second of it, preserving it for generations to come. That is pretty cool!

Nina's Mama said...

Great work. Once again I have to say, I wish you lived near me so you could do our family photo.

Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

The little boy in the middle (ish) with straight hair and the biggest eyes is my favorite!

I love how these photos are just capturing people in their "everyday"...just going an expo, not a photo shoot and you make it look like they've been planning on it for months.
It's so great!

LeslieAnn said...

Love it! I'm glad you had such a great time and got some new business leads while there. I love all the photos of siblings. :D

Anonymous said...

The way you posed those three sisters arms around each other is so unique. And that little dumpling in the green, I just wanted to gobble her up! Those are terrific photos.

sarahcarroll22 said...

Wow, you seriously do an awesome job! These are top-notch photos, even for a professional.

Anonymous said...

Just saw your website and it is brilliant. Under your about section you spell privileged wrong. I'm not so sure I'm spelling it right either

Karen H, Hammond, IN said...

Wow, those are just awesome! If you lived close by, I'd definitely be booking you to take my new grandchild's photos (not due until March!). You really seem to capture the essence of the subject.

Ray said...

Awesome photos, Kelly! You kicked ass at that event (can't believe you had a total of 350 photos)! =D Question: what other booths were there at the Mommy Expo?

Erica said...

Wow. These are absolutely stunning. You will certainly have quite a few returning customers after this I'm sure. Congratulations!!! I'm glad all the work you had to throw into this so quickly paid off so well!!!

ashley said...

kelly, these photos are fantastic. i love the angles you have used in some of them. very unique, yet timeless. you really have a great eye.

Candi said...

Nice work! I love how they are varied, and not all the same pose.