Monday, August 17, 2009

Seeking suggestions

I just decided to take part in an expo at a mall aimed toward moms -- one of my core demographics for my photography business. Now I have FOUR DAYS to get ready.

Anyone have any ideas of places I can quickly print a 20 x 30 poster without spending a fortune?

Here's what I want to print:

mirror moms ad 5

Any other ideas for my booth?

Here's what I have so far:

  • Register to win a free portrait session.
  • If you schedule a session at the event, you'll receive a free 5 x 7 print.
  • My laptop will be running on the table, continually scrolling through the homepage images.
  • I will be selling postcards of closeups I took -- 1 for $1 or all 6 for $5.
  • Jerry will be scheduling sessions and answering questions while I take free portraits for kids. The moms will get a slip of paper directing them to my website to find their photo, where they will have the option to buy.
  • Some sort of free snack. Although I haven't decided on what yet.

My to-do list is MASSIVE. I have so many things on my plate, I can't even see it anymore.

It's a good feeling, though.


Lioncloud said...

If they schedule a session, GIVE them a flower photo.

And let Allison loose on the crowd. If she can't bring people to your booth, no one can.

Anonymous said...

Fruit snacks for the kids and Granola bars for the moms. Bottled water with your business card attached to it would be a great marketing thing also at these kind of events the reuseable shopping bags with your name and web sight on it are awesome. Just a few thoughts. Godd luck and I so wish I lived closer so I couls have you do photos of my new Grandaughter. If you are ever in philly please be sure to post it so i will know when and where.

Anonymous said...

I would advise against the snack, unless it's wrapped candy or something. If someone gets sick, even if not from your stuff, they can come back on you. Not fun !!!
Good luck and you'll do great I'm sure of that. !!!


Meghan said...

Too bad you aren't in Philly, my company could totally handle large format printing for you. We do ship though :)

novelle360 said...


Give me a link! Kinkos is super expensive.

Aisha said...

I wouldn't recommend the re-usable bags; I'm not sure if you read BlogHer at all, but one of the main complaints from attendees is that they ended up coming home with so many re-usable bags, when they already own a great deal and rarely remember to use them.

Maybe do a discount for back-to-school photos, or the free 5x7 for that? I know a lot of moms who like to take photos of their kids in the brand new shoes/clothes/backpack before they leave on that first day... Get them to come into the studio so they can have the first day of school and a photo that is better than the school picture to send to everyone. Of course, school might have already started out there.

I know it is late in the game, but are there any small, local ice cream shops that you could approach about the snack? Instead of having them there, work with the shop to print a 'free cone of ice cream!' coupon with your name and URL on the back. Simple, sweet, and something that reminds them later, when they aren't being hit by a 100 other vendors.

Ray said...

I say that the free snack should be rice crispie treats. I know, I know: I'm of big help. LOL! =P Looks like you have everything under control and all your ideas sound awesome. Question: will your 20x30 poster be a portrait of Allison by any chance? ;o)

Well good luck and have lots of fun!!

Yen said...

Costco does good 20x30 prints. They do take a while though, so probably not in time for this but a suggestion for next time.

Jessica Fineran said... could probably handle it for you. i wouldn't do the snack either, too many food allergies these days.

LeslieAnn said...

Hmm, maybe rather than a snack just a candy dish or something. Safety-pops? Can ShutterFly or WinkFlash do something quick with the poster board? I have no idea really... Perhaps ask your local chamber of commerce if they could recommend someone. They've always been a huge resource for local businesses in my area to find what they need when it comes to stuff like that.

It looks like WinkFlash can do a 24x36 mounted on foam for $42. Not mounted is $20. ShutterFly can do 20x30 for $22, not mounted.

Here's another link:

Anonymous said...

I would put framed 8x10 or larger photos on display.

Anonymous said...

love aisha's idea about the coupon too!

wallaby75 said...

You could punch a hole either end of your business card and thread it over the stick of a lollipop.

Lioncloud said...

I didn't read your post carefully're already giving something away free - the portraits of kids. That should go over very, very well!

I still think Allison dancing and singing the Toby song would be a great crowd draw. Miss Allison Grace - carnival barker.

Meghan said...


Our website is sooo bad. I have been trying to get it fixed since I started here. But if you want you can email me at I worked it out, to get something 20x30 printed and mounted it would be about $50 plus tax, plus shipping. Not sure if that's the price range you were looking for, but if it is, shoot me an email!


the_plainsman said...

Many good ideas. Agree with avoiding anything but factory sealed edibles. Like the coupon thing if it fits in the budget. With mall shows, ahve to watch with competing with regular food sellers, even as in free water, etc. so coupons redemable even an 50% off at a mall vendor seems good.

Don't know about the poster, but those quickie office places should be able to do the job, and if you mount it yourself on a good solid backing, even heavy foam core board, you can use it a number of times.

Katherine said...

Walgreens has a free 11x14 poster today (Tuesday) only.

They have deals all week on pictures. It's a little smaller than you were looking for, but it's free, so...

Candi said...

Put out a big, fat basket of suckers out in the front, very visible, and the kids will beg for their parents to take them to you. :)

Also, given the vibe of your photography, a little basket of Andes mints is a nice little treat at the booking table. prints a 20x30 for about $25, then for about $13 you can have overnight shipping. I'm not sure what your target budget is for the print, though, but they are very, very easy to order through.

Good luck!!

Lori :-) said...

Why do they always do these things during working hours?? If they did them on Saturdays, I'd have been glad to help you out.

novelle360 said...

THANK YOU! Lots of good stuff here. I got the poster printed, have settled on a candy jar of Dum Dums and am passing out fliers for 10% off a session so I'm not burning through all of my cards, which cost more to make.

Thanks again for the imput!

Amanda Strong said...

I would choose a softer font for your poster. The one you used it too linear for the photo you've chosen -- it doesn't represent the type of photography you do which is very soft and happy.

I would go with a mix of something sans serif and simple and use an accent font that is soft and could do a cute novelty font that is swirly to balance it.