Thursday, September 17, 2009

The power of pictures

I've been taking photos for so many people for so many months, and I'm focusing so heavily on the details that I forget what a powerful impact it has when it's someone you love so deeply.

The whole family was up in my studio playing around a few days ago when Jerry picked up Toby on a whim. When I said, "Over here guys!" I captured something that will melt my heart for a lifetime.

Photos really are such a gift.



psylent said...

Very nice photo of Jerry and Toby. You have such a remarkable talent.

the_plainsman said...

'Bout time those two guys in the house ranked some more camera time!
Hardly a "grab shot" even though it just happened "on a whim." Excellent portrait. Gift is the right word.

Sara said...

AW! This is such a good pic!

Jennifer Suarez said...

AMAZING shot! You got them both looking at the camera and looking great. I love it!!

Ray said...

This is one of your BEST photos EVER! I love it. Jerry looks so different. In a good way of course. ;o)

Capture all the moments you can get.