Monday, November 30, 2009

Because all good stories start with, "So I was on the toilet"

So I was on the toilet, and Allison is encroaching my personal space, as usual. Actually, there is no such thing as personal space anymore. Sometimes I can't even pull on a pair of pants without repeatedly prying tiny hands from my thighs.

This time, I was using the downstairs bathroom, which currently has one of our car seats in a small space in the wall, waiting to be taken outside. Allison loves this setup. She sits in there by herself sometimes, like we were being so thoughtful to have a cushy chair just for her in what otherwise is a fairly boring room.

She has also discovered that it's fun to jump from the seat to the floor, but isn't able to do so without assistance.

So whenever I need to use the bathroom, she sees it as TIME FOR GYMNASTICS.

The toilet's proximity to the car seat is close enough that she expects me to hold out one arm so she can steady herself in whatever antics she prefers for the day. And getting my arm back so I can do more necessary things like wipe, flush and pull up my pants is no easy feat.

Well, today my lovely daughter got bored with the Using My Mom as a Jungle Gym While She's on the Toilet game, and decided to spin rapidly in circles. When she got dizzy and needed to steady herself, she ended up planting her freezing hands on my leg.

They were so cold that it made me jump.

"Your hands are FREEZING, Allison!"

And what did my sweet little girl proceed to do? She spent my subsequent time on the toilet trying to put both hands on my bare skin and laughing when I flinched.

Oh, and would you look at that? All of her cartoons are allllll gone for the morning.



Fit Mama said...

hahaaha. tots are so much fun!

elizabeth said...

thats hilarious!

the_plainsman said...

Just wait until she figures out who hid those AM cartoons, though...LOL!

Janice said...

haha oh man! That's very funny.

Ray said...

LOL! Too funny. Life with a two-year old is never dull I see. =P

Kristin said...

lmao x'D