Sunday, November 22, 2009

The joys of trying to reason with a 2-year-old

While I was trying to get dressed this morning, Allison needed a little hands-on attention, so I didn't have time to toss on a shirt and ended up changing her diaper in my bra.

"Nice suit, Mommy!"


(pointing) "Suit. Mommy swimmin'."

"Noooo, this is a bra. Not a suit. It's November. Too cold to swim."

"I want to swim."

"Honey, all the pools are closed. It's too cold to swim. Trust me, you wouldn't have any fun even if we could find a pool that still had water in it."


"It's un-der-wear, Allison. Do you understand that? It's called that because you wear it under your clothes. I just need to put a shirt on, okay?"

"Yes. ... Then we go swimmin'."


Ray said...

Too cute! =P I'm sure they have indoor-heated swimming pools, somewhere around where you live. You should get her in a swimming class.

Janice said...

Hahaha. Try swimming in that...

the_plainsman said...

So funny!

novelle360 said...

Ray, yes, there are a few. About 40 minutes and an expenive gym membership from our house. le sigh.