Tuesday, December 29, 2009


To say I had been looking forward to this Christmas is probably about as big of an understatement as you can make. It felt like it was two years in the making

I think it's easy for new parents to look into the eyes of their newborn and bubble over with warm thoughts of the future. First word. First steps. First time they show signs of understanding the concept of Santa and presents.

Or, in Alli's case, she just calls him "Santa Presents."

My mom bought us this absolutely gorgeous advent calendar to hang on our wall. It's shaped like a Christmas tree and has little decorative felt pockets for each day. Instead of filling them with candy, I bought a Santa ornament, and we moved him closer to the Santa pocket each afternoon as a family. And every day we asked Allison, "Who's coming on Christmas?!" And she would yell, "SANTA PRESENTS!"

She certainly didn't disappoint. I positioned myself in a good spot in the living room to take video of when she came downstairs Christmas morning. Jerry runs in first so he can get a good vantage point, too, and Alli follows closely behind in a sprint, BunnyBear in each arm. She sees her gigantic pink princess castle that Santa left, pauses a moment as an "Oh" escapes her mouth, drops Bear as her one arm goes limp, regains composure and picks him up, then beelines in the tent and starts playing with the other toys inside.

It was one of those moments of parenthood that I wish I could relive forever.

But, really, the entire weekend was a blast.

My sister Lisa spent much of Christmas Eve in the
laundry room because Allison wanted to play in there

Stealing great-grandma's Chex mix.

When I went upstairs to grab my camera, I just had to take this shot.

Playing "bubbles" with grandma.

I think she was doing her best Santa Claus impersonation.

Christmas Eve was a bounty of salmon and crab legs.

She would yell "PAP!" when she bubbled Jer's face.

We tried to get a photo of all the siblings and significant others, dogs and Alli.

By the time we got Alli, the dogs dispersed.

I think Jer was just as excited as she was.

My brother Sean had a lot of responsibility Christmas morning.
Like playing music and putting her figurines in the swing again and again.

Dave taught her to cheers.


Hanging out in the princess tent. I had to draw balloons, Bunnies and Bears.

Believe it or not, this was after we gathered the wrapping paper.


Fit Mama said...

My daughter was also two this year, and it was such a joy. I can't wait for next year!

Ray said...

I love how you captured Alli's reaction to her first Christmas gift of her, "gigantic pink princess castle." So cute. ;o) Looks like guys had a great Christmas. Great photos as always that you captured of the moment. My two favorites would have to be of: Alli & Dave drinking up and you and Alli in her princess tent.

And I have a photo just like your last one. I told my mom to take a photo of the chaos of opening gifts. Cause hey, "That's a moment to remember." ;D

the_plainsman said...

I think someone else besides Alli enjoyed that princess tent very much! Great family images of a great time!

Anonymous said...

love it love it love it!!! wish we got to see you this time around! looks like you had an awesome time!

Janice said...

I have been waiting since Christmas for these photos! They are so cute. Alli is really getting just cuter and cuter. I loved the pictures of her learning to "cheers". Too cute. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

Jennifer Suarez said...


When we are young Christmas is so exciting. Then we grow older and it seems to lose a bit of it's luster. Having children sure makes Christmas exciting again doesn't it?

Kristin said...

So glad you all had a great Christmas(: