Thursday, February 25, 2010

What 16-year-old's dreams are made of

We are in technology heaven over here: I upgraded to a full-frame sensor camera, and Jerry and I bought our first-ever brand new car.

I just want to drop everything and drive someplace I've never been while taking pictures out the window. I don't think they've passed a law against that yet.

Normally I'd rave about the camera first, but since I'm still waiting for my honkin' compact flash memory card, I haven't really been able to open 'er up yet. But the temporary demo displays on the viewfinder are so gorgeous they kind of make me want to pee a little.

The car, on the other hand? I'm in loooove. Heart-fluttering teenage love where I want to stay up until 2 a.m. talking on the phone with it, telling it how happy I am when we're together.

Rewind a few months ago, and I was pumped -- PUMPED -- when Jerry came home cheering that our old car was finally paid off. Despite the fact that it had over 100,000 miles on it, I figured we'd drive it until it fell apart, which would probably be another 100,000 miles because it was a Honda.

But when it started shaking uncontrollably on the highway to the point that the driver's seat could've doubled as a vibrating massage chair, I knew it was over. Jerry took it in, and the mechanic initiated the conversation by asking, "How long do you plan on keeping the car?"

The repairs cost half of what it was worth, and frankly, having a two-door sport coupe is a gigantic pain in the ass when you're trying to get a toddler into a car seat. I'd rather try to squeeze a queen-sized boxspring mattress into a dishwasher.

Then there were the other issues. Like the fact that the seatbelt never properly retracted anymore, leaving me struggling to wrangle it into place like a wild horse every time I got in and out. Plus the key fob died ages ago, forcing us to (gasp!) manually lock and unlock it rather than conveniently click a little button on the way to and from our destination. Deal breakers.

Nevermind that we replaced all four tires less than a month ago when I had a horrible blowout on the highway doing 70 mph on my way to work. That was fun.

Needless to say, I didn't want to reintroduce another monthly payment to the household expenses, but the pros of a new car made it more than bearable of a thought. All I wanted was four doors, keyless entry and a seatbelt that retracted properly. Those were the only requirements I gave Jerry. I left the rest up to him.

I shouldn't have been surprised when Jer did his homework, but I can't rave enough about how he tackled the task. Personally, the thought of buying a new car makes me want to run and jump into an active volcano. There is NOTHING I enjoy about the process.

Sure, Jerry has something most customer's don't: a radio morning show and local name recognition. Which, I'm not gonna lie, totally helped us in the deal department. But all jobs have perks, right? Ours just came in the form of great customer service at a car dealership.

We wanted a mid-size sedan, so he checked out all makes and models, well, other than Toyota for obvious reasons. When a top-ranking official admits that a worldwide recall may not "totally" solve all of the accelerator problems, it kind of makes you reluctant to invest in that product.

Long story short, he fell in love with the Ford Fusion. He test-drove a used one, but we ended up being able to buy new for almost the same price. Five-star crash test rating. 2010 Motortrend car of the year. President's Day sale. An extra $1,000 cash back when you trade in a Honda.

Who were we to ignore the stars aligning like that?

And although I would've been happy with the fact that it has four doors, keyless entry and retracting seatbelts, all of its fancy features made me fall in loooove. Like our satellite radio is now built into the dash instead of suction-cupped on top. And it has an iPod dock. And a place for a thumbdrive full of music. And voice-activation Bluetooth calling synched up to our cell phones. And a digital display for text messages. And electronic seat adjustments. And that new-car smell.

Excuse me while I go make out with it.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Fun! My boss has one and just loves it, hope you all enjoy it too!

Erica said...

Our family recently got a new car too with the cash for clunkers deal. It was hard to say goodbye to our old Cadillac, but it was totally worth it. We got a Ford too by the way, but since this was sort of an unforseen expense that just came at an inconvenient time - as lovely as the cash for clunkers was - we ended up going with the Ford Focus. But I loooooved the Fusion and I'm so excited you guys got one! Enjoy your new toys!!! It does seem as if it were meant to be : )

Dana said...

I'm totally jealous! I've been wanting a Fusion for 3 years now. Enjoy!!

Erin said...

That is awesome, I fell in love with the fusion as well! I am in the process of buying a used one this weekend.

I have a nick name for it already, Ashton (Kutcher) It's sexy on the outside, but a little slow on the uptake (we are used to a 6 cylinder, this one is a 4)

Angela said...

Congrats on all accounts!!! I love the Fusions. We will probably be looking at a car purchase in a few months and the Fusion is high on my list. You left out one important detail...what color??

Ray said...

YAY! I'm happy for you. After you make out with it, I want pictures! ;D And I can't wait to read about the new camera.

Kristin said...

Ironically, I am 16 and I now hate you >:|

Nikki said...

My friend has the Ford Fusion and I really like it too! I can't imagine having a two door car with a small child. Hooray for upgrades!