Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm visiting my family with Alli this weekend, and man do I need this. I need a break from all of the usual, although I brought a ton of work with me.

Starting with the newspaper column I SHOULD be writing instead of the wayyy overdue monthly letter I WANT to be writing.

Or better? Sleeping.

Speaking of which, I forgot a T-shirt to sleep in, so I went through my old drawers and dug up something that hasn't seen the light of day in more than a decade. It has a bit of a musty smell to it, but the memory attached to it slammed me in the face when I opened it up and I nearly fell over laughing.

It's a shirt my team made for Senior Week in high school. I know the slogan is a movie reference, and don't ask me which movie or what it was about (I'm sure we would probably all come up with the same guess), but I can see my friends fighting over our shirt slogan and settling on this:


I'm willing to bet any team would've gotten disqualified if they tried to pull that now. Ahh, we had it so good. That was before high school shootings and all of the inevitable crap that followed.

So, yes, I'm wearing a bright purple shirt with the neck hem cut out with those ugly ass felt letters in all caps. And the back reads: Kels-Buff.

It's good to be home.


Ray said...

^^That comment was from me. Sorry.

Miss said...

That's awesome. I believe the movie you are thinking of is Son In Law with Pauly Shore - he was at the town square dance and took over the mic. He was singing to the older square dancing folks and was encouraging them to "buff the wood! buff the wood! bbbbbbbbbuff the wood!" Yes I can remember this but couldn't tell you one of the movies nominated for best picture in the last ten years...

the plainsman said...

Good to read, being in the midst of the old and familiar and making all sorts of connections again; breaking the routine and getting a recharge at the same time, though often hetic in itself, good for you and fun for Alli, too! Bet Jerry and Toby are having a good time keeping up with all the bracketed games, too!

novelle360 said...

Oh my gosh, YESSSSS! That's it! Hahahaha. Thank you!

Jessica said...

I'm glad someone else thought of it ... I was going to say Son in Law as well. I can hear the scene in my head, haha!

Kristin said...

I feel like a n00b.
I had to google it ;|