Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free desktop picture and Allison hilarity

Thought some of you would enjoy this on the photo blog.

I'm working on Allison's back-logged letters now. Hoping to have them up this week.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I can't believe you're abandoning us for the photo blog; that seems to be more updated than this..Is novelle360 over? I've loved reading your blog so much. We don't hear too much about Allison these days either. Everything is so.... sporadic.

Kristin said...

I love it x'D
Cutest picture ever.

novelle360 said...

I'm sure it seems like I'm choosing one over the other, but truly, it's about growing my business, and that is second on my priority list right now behind family. My sanity is third. I'm hoping that when I go part time in two weeks I'll have more time to get back to my love of writing. Trust me when I say I miss it more than anyone.

The Plainsman said...

Hi Kelly, I'm finally catching up to this week, finally opened that town museum on Sunday that I wrote a letter to the editor about when in still in school, DECADES AGO, so no issues here about timely posts...Allison will laugh about the occasional tardiness, likely when she has her own, decades from now, lol

Anonymous said...

Love the Allison picture!
Also, despite the number of posts, I'll keep reading when you do! You've got an awesome photography business going on, and I think that is a totally worthwhile tradeoff for reduced blog posts here. Plus, it's not like we aren't getting anything from you... we can just wander over to your photography site/blog/facebook and check out your fabulous pictures, which I love doing!

Keep it up, Kelly! I miss you here, but I love what you're doing with your business :D

Anonymous said...

(sorry, I left my comment as anonymous! It's Mia, one of your long-time, faithful readers :D )