Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick update

Took Allison out for 2.5-year-old pictures a few days ago. You can see them here.

Business is booming. So much for that "I'll have more free time when I go part-time" stuff.

I'm loving life right now.

Oh! And did a great wedding a few weeks ago. Photos here.

Remember the naysayers? Fear will only hold you back. If you have a dream, chase it.

Miss you all.


Kristy said...

Great pictures of Allison! It's amazing how fast they grow.

Kristin said...

Holyyyy shitttttt Alli's getting hugeeee!
I was going to say that I love the ones with her by the stairs, but then I kept going and decided that I didn't know which were my favorites xP
The wedding pictures are so gorgeous, as well, and it looks like it was a fun reception xP
Miss your constant blogs, but the surprise bursts of blog are exciting xP
So glad that things are going great for you(:

Ray said...

Glad to hear that life and business are going great. Allison's photos are amazing. And I love this quote, "Fear will only hold you back. If you have a dream, chase it." Very true.

You are MISSED too! ;D

The Plainsman said...

It is wonderful that you schedule special photo sessions with Alli just like your regular clients, which has got to make her feel extra special, too. I really like the ones by the stone stairs -the poses, her mood/expressions and the natural subdued light all combine to make some greats!

Just caught "Field of Dreams" again a couple night ago and the analogy building your dream fits here too, except this is real. As a Southern friend would say, "Pooh to the naysayers!" LOL!

Janice said...

Congrats again :) You're doing SO amazing!

Maria said...

I love that first picture!