Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trying to figure out where the time went

Today was Allison's first day of preschool. We debated long and hard about the decision, but ultimately we thought she would benefit from a place she could call her own without family around.

Plus, interacting with other kids, having to listen to and respect adults other than her parents, and learning to cooperate are all skills we know she'll learn there that she can't learn at home.

At times, it's a little difficult having a child who is so verbally advanced. Conversationally, she prefers the company of 4- and 5-year-olds because they can communicate back. So when she naturally gravitated toward the older classroom this morning and I had to pull her away and lead her into a room of 2-year-olds who mostly can't speak in complete sentences, it was a little tough.

I mean the girl used the word serindipity the other day. Correctly. Upon discovering marshmallows in the kitchen cabinet among the spices. Insane.

Being an only child who is always at home with at least one of your parents can be wonderful in a lot of aspects -- certainly in the personal attention category -- but Jer and I know it has its limitations. So we're hoping a little time in a classroom will help provide her with a few new skills.

She was so excited to go. When I explained to her how I would come in with her and then say goodbye, she said, "DROP ME OFF NOWWW, MOMMMM!"

I'd say she was ready.

Although she said she wanted me to stay with her as we talked about what her teachers would expect of her on the drive over, I got a quick kiss and she turned and that was it. She was a blur of pink as she ran around the room checking everything out as I left. And, frankly, that's wonderful.

As much as I want her to be my little girl forever, I know I have to let her grow. So I showed her the same respect by not making a big fuss either.

Even though I desperately wanted to.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. Preschool already?! Seems like it was just yesterday you posted a video of her farting as a baby! She is turning out to be a lovely little girl. Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Allison! It's amazing seeing her so grown up.

julie said...

Good job Alli!

I can't believe how very different our two girls are. Shobha has her own little language that somewhat distantly resembles English. Milk is "noop," ketchup is "chup," bubbles is "buh-oos," etc. And since I went back to work, she's been at daycare three days a week and Grandma & Grandpa's the other two days and every. single. morning. we have to battle it out to get her dressed and out the door then the tears and the screaming when I drop her off are heartbreaking.

I'm not hoping for her to correctly use the word serendipity (are you kidding me, Alli?!?), but less of a trauma response to me leaving her to go to work would be fantastic. *sigh* Oh, well.

Nikki said...

Eek!! That made me tear up! Raising children is so bittersweet. You want them to need you forever, but of course you want them to grow into independent little beings of their own. They grow up too quick!

The Plainsman said...

Fun to read and see her continuing to grow - she is an amazing kid! No wonder in that though, as the "parents tree" she fell from is pretty amazing, too!

Kristin said...

Awww mannn.
I'm sure she'll love it, to your dismay xP