Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Bubba

We've been asking Allison from the beginning what we should name the baby, and she came up with lots of great suggestions including recurring favorites "Puppy" and "Blue."

I told her we're not A-list celebrities who partake in such nonsense and asked her to dig a little deeper.

But after our 20-week prenatal visit, which of course comes with the highly anticipated ultrasound and gender revelation, she's settled on a name: Bubba. Which kind of clicked for me because WE'RE HAVING A BOY!

Jerry's response? "I've never been so excited to see a penis in my entire life!"

Yes, right in the doctor's office with the technician, ultrasound wand in hand. After she stopped laughing, he asked her how certain she was. She looked right at him and said, "No labia look like that."

And although we've already come to a consensus on his actual name, we've decided to keep it a secret. So, for now, Baby Bubba it is.

I can't wait to meet him in 15 weeks. (Or 13 if he's really smart and chooses to get a head start on becoming the favorite.)


Adrienne said...

At age 3, I wanted to name my baby sister Silly Ducky Goosey. While the name didn't stick (they went with Natalie), they have never let me forget the story.

Congrats on having a boy! For the record, I think Bubba could be a cute nickname.

The Plainsman said...

In an earlier post, you mentioned briefly that everything about this pregnancy was different from when you were with Allison, so the thought had then occurred to this non-expert - it's a BOY! This was cool to find out for certain and Jerry's comment was right on! Alli has to learn that a boy could never be President if he had a moniker like Bubba! Oh, wait a minute, lol, never mind! Bubba it is. At least for now.

Ray said...

I KNEW IT WAS A BOY!!!!! YEAH!!!! =D And "Baby Bubba" is already beautiful. <3 I can't wait until you reveal his name. ;o)

P.S. LOVE Jerry's response when he found out it was a boy. You gotta love him! =P

Ray said...

Also: A very Happy 3rd Birthday, to Allison today! =D

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Most of us guessed it was going to be a boy since you first mentioned being pregnant. Glad to see we were all correct! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish you wrote more on here!!! i used to love your blog but you hardly ever write anymore :/ congrats tho!!

Chelsea said...

Kind of had a feeling it was gonna be a boy! Congrats!!!!!

Kristin said...

I quite like Baby Bubba.
Fitting xP

Erica said...


Caryn said...

Congratulations on your growing, beautiful family! Although I don't comment, I still lurk and read every post as it comes. We once talked a long time ago on your original blog site.. I sent you Christmas angel ornaments, if you remember.
I just had my first child, a girl, 5 months ago and I often gain inspiration from you to ensure that I too, document as much as I can for when Julie Robin grows older to appreciate it.
Please send me an e-mail if you would be interested in being friends on facebook. I would love to keep in touch further and share parts of my life with you too.

Congratulations again and I wish you and your family the very best!

Caryn (old xanga "pal")

Emily said...

When my sister and I were 3 and 4 years of age, we wanted to name the new baby 'Banana'. Just 'Banana'. But I guess we just settled with 'Kenneth.'.


Jessica said...

Having two girls first & now my boy all I can say is - WOW. If I get to have a fourth I hope it's another boy. You're going to love having a boy, it's so different! I think it's so true - daddy's girls, mama's boys!