Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Anyone who gets within five feet of Jerry for more than five minutes knows he wants an iPhone. Ever since I got him an iPod Touch for his birthday two years ago, he's been obsessing, but with the majority of our friends and family on the Verizon network, it just didn't make sense for us to switch for the sole purpose of him getting a particular phone.

In the meantime, he's been stalking online tech talk forums, over-analizing every bit of news to be released from Apple and praying. I won't even get into the whole "if I had a penny" thing because our house would've been crushed from the weight of all that copper.

So when Apple announced yesterday that Verizon would be taking pre-orders for the iPhone in a few weeks, his enthusiasm was, well, full of Jerryisms.


Never mind that my birthday and due date are next month:

After I reminded him as much:
"Oooh! Maybe it'll come on your birthday, then we can BOTH get presents! ... And mine will be better than yours."

"Right around February 16th, you'll be like 'When's this baby coming?!' and I'll be like, 'WHERE'S MY FRIGGIN' iPHONE?!!!"


Jason said...

"it just didn't make sense for us to switch for the sole purpose of him getting a particular phone."

Typical female perspective. Always about making sense.

When it comes to shiny gadgetry, "making sense" is the last thing you should be considering when making decisions.

Chelsea said...

That baby has to come out first! :) Hope the pregnancy is going well!

Kristin said...

I can't believe you're already due next month. It doesn't seem like it's been 9 months already xP

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets his phone before the baby, that way he has something to keep him busy in labor & delivery, hahaha!

The Plainsman said...

Ha! I'm shocked he has not simply offered to buy one for "Bubba" and keep it and "test it out for him until he's old enough to use it!" Like our grandfathers did with the Lionel train sets!

Janice said...

HAHA! Jerry seriously cracks me up. We're not big iAnything fans around my house since we're much more into Micosoft & Android (I love my blackberry and the fiance has an Evo) but he was the same way about the Evo. CRAZY. hehe

Anonymous said...

lol...I needed this. thank you.