Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The best of both worlds: Jerryisms AND Alli-isms

After two consecutive wrong numbers in a row:
"My cell number's on a bathroom stall somewhere."

Responding to Allison, who is obsessed with gender differences at the moment:
"Music is for everyone, honey. There aren't boy songs or girl songs. ... Unless maybe you're listening to Melissa Ethridge, which is kind of a gray area."

Noting Toby's desperation while playing pancake toss games in the kitchen after I made too many for dinner:
"I might as well be juggling steaks in front of starving Ethiopians."


Explaining the nature of BunnyBear's relationship:
"Bunny and Bear are best friends. ... Best friends for hours."

Looking at the latest cover of Newsweek, featuring a photo of President Obama:

"Mom? Who's that?"

"That's the president. His name is Barack Obama. He's the leader of our country."

"Oh, I thought it was my daddy."


The Plainsman said...

Has Jerry gotten a new haircut? LOL! Still, it is sweet that Alli still sees beyond differences that many adults can't get by.

Anne Marie said...

I can't stop laughing over the comment about Obama's picture. She is priceless!!!

Kristin said...

Oh my god. "I thought it was daddy."
I think I'm going to die of laughter.