Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Jerryisms

While making a toast to successfully eating out at a restaurant with both kids:
"To make it a full family toast, I guess I'd have to clink my glass against your boobs because that's what Evan drinks out of."

On our way home from said restaurant with both kids screaming bloody murder in the back seat:
"If I ran a vasectomy business, that would be my radio commercial. I'd just run 59 seconds of that sound and finish up with 'For a vasectomy, call 555-1234.'"


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jerry's sense of humor...I can see why you two work so well together!!!

the plainsman said...

LOL on the first, Jerry better register that second thought with the trademark office, it is a winner.

Anonymous said...

Vas comment hilarious. No kidding. The two most nerve shredding sounds in the universe: Crying baby, barking dog. And the baby is many points ahead of the dog.


Kristin said...

Oh my sweet lord, that last one. I think I just laughed my stomach out of my throat.

SharonO360 said...